Wednesday, June 18, 2008

I hate my crutches - Day 35

I have had many crutches in my life: alcohol, bad lovers, excuses, food and so much more, but the crutches I hate the most are the ones I am using now because of my foot. I hate them. Yes hate is a strong word and so worth it.

I have bruises beside my breasts, my arms ache and everyone looks at me like a cripple (which I temporarily am). Renee and Wayne were the only ones who gave me any encouragement when they refused to ask "Are you OK" "Does it hurt"?? They called me hop-along and crip most of the day so I felt better. I don't handle sympathy well. It almost brings me to tears thinking about 2 more weeks of this.

It sucks.

I Fucking Hate My Crutches!!!

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