Thursday, June 19, 2008

Making a List and Checking it 10 Times - Day 36

Inspired by the June book club choice, The Next Thing On My List by Jill Smolinski, I decided to write my own list of things I want to accomplish by my next birthday.

I have always been a big list maker. Sometimes the lists turn out to be just the thing to get me moving or organized and sometime they are fruitless causing only depression and frustration. Following all the rules to goal-making and getting it all set in my head doesn’t always work, but this time will be different. Why?

Because I said so. I am closer to personal discovery than I have ever been and my life’s evaluation has a lot of highlighted moments that stirred me from reading the book. I’ve kissed a stranger (a few really). I have worn sexy shoes. I have donated to charity (not just money, but time and a torn tendon.) I have gone braless.

So what do I want to do by my next birthday? First came the “shoulds” and the “groovy” things. Both left off this time. I read Jill’s notes on how to create a list as a guide to what to do. (It’s the list me. I am creative, but I like structure and such). Her advice helped me construct a list of 29 things. Seems like a lot, but some are small. And 29 is a prime number, I have a thing for primes. I was just too inspired. All of them sound like good notes for my future and since I am ready to try new things it all comes down to “Why Not?”

Conspiring with thoughts of my past “Live in Europe”, “Swim with Dolphins”, my present re-evaluated these touches to make them more within my heart’s realm. I love my home and where I live, plus all my friends and family that I wouldn’t want to leave them. Maybe next year for the dolphins, it just doesn’t have a loud gong sound in my heart like “Learning to Ride a Motorcycle”.

Some big tasks are Lose 50 Pounds, Volunteer with Hospice, Go Someplace New, Clean Out My Garage and Have a Garage Sale. Some are small, such as Change My Hair Color, Buy New Drapes, Bake Treats for My Coworkers and Write the Article for Misconceptions (which has haunted me for months). Learning to Play Golf and Drafting a Vision of My New Bathroom and Kitchen will take a bit of time, as will Learning Photoshop and Knitting a Pair of Socks.

But I am up for it. Not too much to kill me with my already busy schedule. Plus I haven’t forgotten those around me. I have also added Babysit (for which person I do not know), Host a Brunch, Make Thanksgiving Dinner (which may happen by default since Patrick and Guy will be in Miami the night before to see Madonna and won’t be back until the afternoon) and Buy a Meal for a Stranger.

Simple self-improvements dot the list like Getting a Makeup Lesson, Toning My Triceps and Start an Etsy Business. A kernel of fear rests inside of me with additions such as Go to Adventure Island (after losing the 50 pounds of course), Taking the Bus to Work (never afraid of public transport when I travel, but here it is a bit different) and Walk 400 Miles (since at the moment I can’t even walk one).

Lastly are those boring things that just need to get done like Re-do My Soffits, Buy New Blinds for All My Windows and Paint My House.


misschris said...

We both make lists! I got Seb to do it this year too. I have been blogging about it but so much of it changed when our plans changed this year.

Have you been on the site where you can list all your goals and see other people who want to do the same things? Kind of cool place to list everything and keep an eye on it each week. I haven't done it because hey "No Time" but it's on my list!

misschris said...

Misconceptions? What's that? Sorry just being curious.