Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Bubble Room, The Bubble Room (Sung to the tune of “The Bugaloos”) – Day 37

Note: It’s another catch-up. Life has gotten in the way of writing about it.

I took Guy to the Bubble Room for his birthday. 3 months late and about a 2 hour drive away, we took a day off to explore the wonders of this restaurant. Before I went back to the old grind, I escaped for a few days to Captiva Island to enjoy freedom, one last time. The thrill was escalated when we took advantage of the Bubble Room’s hospitality for lunch one afternoon.

For those of you who know Guy, this place looks like his house with gargantuan signs and left over memorabilia, well-loved and tended to that entices you to exclaim, “Man I had one of those as a kid.” A multilayer establishment, the Bubble Room started out small in the early 70s and has grown to house more crap than pack rats at a trailer park with food that does not fit the décor. It is actually very good.

But first what you see. A train travels around the whole place on a track near the ceiling as Santa, dead movie stars, artist’s renderings of nursery rhymes and anything kitsch you can image wraps around the patrons. Collages of Marilyn, circus treats and a tunnel of love really play up the funhouse theme.

Then there is the food. Everything on the menu is named after some celebrity or theme, like the Louis Armstrong (a muffaletta sandwich). They also have an incredible bakery onsite that crafts the most delightful cakes. My recommendations are the French Dip (forgot what their name of it was), and the Gone Fishin’. Also the bacon and cheese homemade potato chips are heaven on a plate. Don’t forget something sweet with the orange or rum cakes. Though these is so much more to tempt you so be brave.

Next time I would love to go back at night and try something different. You are invited to stroll around the showcase which is like a marvelous gallery of things you wish you still had or lusted for as a child. That is if you are over 40.

It was a wonderful afternoon followed by the fellas hanging out on the beach, (I couldn’t go with the bad ankle). We also tried to get coconuts, but with no luck. Some day, some way.
I was never really into the whole beach thing when I was younger, or even nature for that matter. Now I love it all. Soon we will be going to the mountains to explore waterfalls and lakes.

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