Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Cross It Off The List - Day 38

I can cross one thing off my list: “Have a Brunch”. I hosted a small gathering last Saturday to celebrate Pride. The parade was a few blocks from my house so I thought I would throw together a quick meal for some friends who were going with me. It was small, but perfect. Chris, Darryl and Renee were my guests for a delicious, but healthy morning meal.

Brunch seemed apropos for Pride since what rings more stylish and celebratory than a gay brunch? I used to share in this occasion with my neighbors, Dale and
Dan, but they moved and subsequently parted. It was something to look forward to with guest stars like Max and Chuck and whoever else wandered over. We usually had the same thing since Dale was on KP duty and cocktails.

One morning particularly stood out when the D-twins didn’t want to stay at the grocery store any longer than necessary (particularly to wait for the 11 a.m. allowance time to buy alcohol.) Instead they called me and asked if on the way over I could pick up a bottle of champagne. They live right behind me, across the alley, and I never noticed any champagne vendors strolling along the alley before (which would have caught my eye immediately). So I was supposed to drive to the store and purchase
said libation. Max stopped me from being a smart-ass and suggested we make our own mélange to share, which we did and it was luscious. I think it had some kind of juice and of course vodka, definitely vodka.

This time though, it was even better.

Now I was the chef du jour. I concocted a frittata of bacon and glouchester cheese; cold berry soup with kiwi and yogurt; an apple tart; fresh baked wheat raisin bread and herbed French bread; a veggie salad and coffee (of course). Renee brought over chocolate-covered strawberries, which were magnificent and Chris and Darryl shined with exotic fruits like a horned melon, kiwi and lychees. Since we were going to be in the hot sun, walking past tons of people, we kept the alcohol out of this.

Overall I loved the prepping the night before, the cooking that morning and sharing my hospitality with my friends. Plus it was nice to show off my house to these folks that have never seen where I rest my weary bones.

My home is a work in progress, with nothing too fancy and a lot not fancy at all, but it is all mine. I am getting rid of a lot and have major construction to think about in the next year to two, but it houses my art, books, trophies and knick knacks. Chris referred to it as a museum and even took pictures of a few things to share with others.

It’s hard sometimes getting it all done. My leg has kept me out of commission doing the hard stuff (both physically and financially). Plus there is only so much time in a day. Not a huge neat freak, I clean what needs to be clean and figure the rest I can save for when I die. (Guy says that the reason ghosts move things around is because they are cleaning, that’s what we are supposed to do when we pass on.)

So now for the next thing on my list. It was supposed to be “Visit Someplace New”, but that will have to wait for a while since Misha is sick so we aren’t going on vacation like planned. No worries though, he is getting better and North Carolina will be even more beautiful in the fall. For now I will keep working towards losing the weight (the doctor said I can swim and bike now) and cleaning my garage (which must be done at the butt-crack of dawn otherwise you could drown in the humidity.)

And I will need to plan another brunch – that was way too fun to not do again.

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callenstewart said...

Thanks again for being such a great host and opening your home to us. I had a GREAT time! I hope we get to do it again sometime soon.