Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Happy PRIDE - Day 39

Happy Pride to one and all, even days after the parade. St. Petersburg had an outstanding turnout with reports of up to 70 thousand people attending the parade. It was a hot day out in the Florida sun, all the more reason for the boys to go topless and the girls to bare a bit more than usual.

I went in tow with Chris and Darryl exploring new shops along the avenue, as well as all the vendors offerings. Darryl got his picture taken with a porn star and a wanna-be porn star. He is so good at that, all I have to say is “Can I
take your picture with him?” and he says yes. In fact when he asked if I wanted to take a picture of the wanna-be, I said I didn’t have a dollar, the general stripper ploy, and he said I didn’t need one since he had “frequent-flyer rewards” with the strippers. I just love him.

There were several political vendors, even the Log Cabin group. For those not in the know, the Log Cabin people are gay republicans. So they are sort of like the kids kicked out of the treehouse, wanting back in and trying to mingle when no one wants them there. Sad lot – talk about self hatred.

The Obama group were in friendly territory, so they didn’t have to try too hard. Then there were the religious zealots on both sides. The people who come out on their day off to protest in the heat are just as insane as the Log Cabin people, just
meaner. Last year, I saw the best sign ever “Jesus Hates Fags”. Man this threw me since I thought Jesus didn’t hate at all, at least that is what he said. So we had a “he said” / “He said” thing going on. And people don’t think God has a sense of humor. Plus a lot of these protesters come from Georgia just to cause a ruckus at our little pride parade - now isn't that just darling, bless their hearts.

On the other side were all the churches that are gay friendly, like the one I go to sometimes, First Unity. Even the Quakers made a show out in the heat which was something new to me, but apparently they aren’t as prejudice and backwoods as I thought.

You also had those complimentary contrasts with night clubs and sexual enhancement retailers interspersed with the square dancing group and a new gay retirement community. When I get old I want to go there. I bet they still have great brunches.

A shirt caught my eye and was something that has haunted me since Max and I couldn’t come to a decision on it. The term “fag hag”. Guy calls me his hag and I never took offense, but Max said I was using the term out of context. (Check out Life According to Max. com to read more.) The shirt cut all the confusion; “I’m not a fag hag, I’m a fairy princess.” That is so my shirt.

There were drag queens (I think Natasha was the main star, but I am not as up on my drag queens as I used to be and Chris and Darryl weren’t any help.) Plus there were the freebie giveaways of energy drinks, bumper stickers and condoms (which I never got any). All-in-all, it was a great afternoon as I melted into oblivion (how do those drag queens stay so put together while my skin felt like it was dripping off my face?)

This was my second St. Pete Pride Parade and my third overall Pride Parade. The first one was more than ten years ago and was the big one in New York. Now that is a parade, and yes it started with a brunch.

So to all my alternative lifestyle brothers and sisters, happy Pride, every day!!!!!

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