Sunday, June 15, 2008

Reading on the Throne - Day 30

On walking into the Hub, I got pissed with myself for having to piss. I knew I should have gone in the fancy toilet at Fly. But I didn’t hear nature calling until it was too late. The Hub is not know for cleanliness, in any form. Since I drink hard alcohol, I figured if the glasses were dirty the vodka would kill it. What is it known for are strong drinks and an absolutely fabulous jukebox.

I put in my order for a Maker’s Mark manhattan and made my way to the lavatory. It was there that my inspiration came. All the reading material surrounded me and I just had to share it with you all.
I don't know Sammie, but wow, this was emblazoned about three times in my stall. Look at the circle over the "i", isn't it cute? The coward writing this should I put a heart instead.
What is a six pack grip? And is that a good or bad thing for Brian?

What stirred me most was the note left by one of my favorite Derby Darlings, Leia Flat. I haven't been able to go to a bout all season, so this brief acknowledgement that those touch girls are still out there going strong made me smile.
You have to be really drunk and maybe even experiencing the beginning of a hangover to already (in a bar) think Cuervo is a douche bag. Or was this just a note from some Patron supporter. Take it easy chickie, live and let live I say.
Note: Any blasphemous naming in these photos is purely for arts sake. I don’t know you so I don’t know if these accusations ring true or not.


callenstewart said...

My favorite bathroom graffiti of all time was in a room that was covered in all sorts of vile, stupid and vulgar comments. Right in the middle of it all, in response to another's message, read "Go home dad. You're drunk."

Thought I would die laughing right there.

misschris said...

Okay, here's Brian's six pack from the Urban dictionary for you. I think it would be a compliment in France and most part of Europe but in the US it's probably illegal or something.