Monday, June 16, 2008

To Dad - Day 31

Father’s Day this year fell right before my Dad’s 77th birthday. My sisters and I, with a niece in tow, went to visit my dad and celebrate both occasions at once. As usual I was assigned the task of cooking by his wife. She would never let me cook as a child since it would have created a mess, but now she waits for me to get there to work my wonders with food. My specialty with Dad is grilled scallops. He loves them. My sister Cricket made this awesome marinated shrimp. It was a nice afternoon.
After lunch, we wondered around my dad’s garden taking cuttings and anything ripe we could pick ourselves.

I cashed in on some beautiful collard greens and tomatoes, as well as some rosemary. n. Well it may actually be his second favorite next to singing karaoke and doing musical theatre.

I I rummaged through more of his garden and got shots of an African Lily and Concord Grapes. I can’t wait until fall when I get fresh grape jelly.
Happy Birthday Dad.

Scallop recipe
Dry the scallops – I usually get Sea Scallops since they are larger.
Marinate in any citrus juice and zest you have. I have used grapefruit, orange, lemon and lime.
I chop up whatever herbs I have. Usually some combo of parsley (can’t live without), basil and/or rosemary.
Marinate for a half hour.
Salt and Pepper and lay into a hot grill pan or cast iron skillet.
Let the outsides carmelize and turn.
It only takes a few minutes and is so yummy.

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misschris said...

I want a garden again! Nice picture btw ...very sweet.