Saturday, August 30, 2008

A Good News Day - 23

I love when there is something in the news besides Olympics, Conventions and Hurricanes. They are still all there, but have been deposed as the kings of the hill by the latest tidbits that caught my eye. Firstly , and not to straggle to far behind last week’s political brouhaha, there is McCain’s choice of a running mate. I laughed, I got mad, I laughed again. What a doofus. Oh excuse me, his team is such a doofus team. Let’s blame it on them since if this man wants to be the president he better learn to make better choices or his Cabinet will be more like an Aryan rally than a democratic body. McCain says this is not a way to pander to those disillusioned Hillary supporters, but that is an even more transparent lie than “we did not have sex”.

As a Hillary supporter, and now a backer of Obama, I find his choice a farce that constitutes a backlash of the 1950s. Yes I did say previously that clearly defined roles would be nice, but I will define them, not some old fuddy-duddy. I used to like McCain, back in 2000. He would have given Gore a real run for the money and may have actually won, instead of being appointed like our current Monarch. But this is such a slap to me as a woman that I really am starting to hate the man. If he thinks that just because she is a woman I will vote for her then he is even more of an idiot than Georgie Porgie. I didn’t vote for Hillary because she was a woman. I voted for her because of experience, knowledge and as a new opportunity.

Palin is as far away from whom I would ever vote for that she is on the other side of the globe. I love Alaska and even hope to one day live there for 4 months out of the year, but even Alaskans will tell you that they are a weird breed. So she suits all the staunch, back woods-thinking conservatives with her anti-abortion stance, her NRA membership and her beauty queen image, but enough already. Is that what makes a Veep? I appreciate her ability to hunt for her own food, her stamina as a mother of five and her perfectly formed cheekbones, but isn’t that more a movie than reality. Every redneck and militia man, and a few women, are creaming their pants in high hopes of this woman, but not I. As Mo Rocca said, this at least ties up the caribou vote for the old man. These beasts of the wild will be given the right to vote any day now and America watch out. Even though she would prefer to shoot them than to get her picture taken with them, the vote will be unanimous for Palin from that particular demographic.

I can see it now, a rehash of 2000, except this time it will be the Salmon Republic’s fault instead of the Banana Republic. (And I am not talking about the store, I am talking about the coincidence that the President’s brother was the governor of the state that had all the “issues” and therefore the meathead was appointed to office.) Yes I see it, ballots pleading for McCain as president from a largely ethnocentric Native American Alaskan group with names that can’t be pronounced by any guy in Missouri, but since they voted for the old sleeper, it is OK. Funny how those who respect the land of their ancestors would vote for open oil drilling to pollute that land, unabashed destruction of the flora and fauna and increased global warming. Sort of like the group of Jewish ladies in West Palm who voted for Buchanan in 2000. Something smells fishy and I don’t think it is the halibut.

We’ll just have to wait and see. Maybe his stick-figure Stepford wife will become jealous, have an over exposure to Botox and collagen and he will have to pull out of the race in order to bring her back to health a la Pete Burns.

But it wasn’t all politics yesterday, let’s move on to sex. David Duchovny went to rehab for sex addiction. As I saw it on Extra I sighed and Ronn read my mind, “If only he had you.” Yes David me. I know my friend Sara is saying the same thing since she was totally in love with the man. I first saw D in The Rapture, with then Tom Cruise wife, Mimi Rogers. It was a hot film, until the zealous religious message took over. Then of course there was Twin Peaks and X-Files, not to mention Red Shoe Diaries. Now who wouldn’t have known that Duchovny was really into sex with those. All kinky and exotic, and oh so erotic. On the X-Files, Mulder was a phone sex regular with the names and numbers stored in his paranoid brain along with dates for several alien invasions.

I once wrote an erotic story as an X-Files episode and now I wish I would have sent it to him, at least he may have used it as a self-pleasure enhancement. The tale I imagined had Mulder meeting up with an old flame from Oxford who was a dominatrix, and he rightfully her slave back then. Old habits die hard as she helps him investigate some strange goings-ons while of course rehashing old times. Scully also finds out a little bit more about herself and her likely lesbian tendency in this adaptation. It was definitely an X-rated story, but by today’s standards, and proper editing for cable, it could be done.

The news didn’t say what exactly constituted his addiction, but only that he is getting help. I wish him all the best and will now have to watch Californication to get a better idea of what may be more truth than fiction.

And lastly, a story that was found by a co-worker earlier this week on Happily married and wanting a divorce, sounds like fun. It was a major discussion among the baklava-making crowd on Tuesday (that will be another entry). It really was a call to the reality of relationships, you can still be in love, yet want to be apart. Since I am the single in the group, it was nice to know I am not totally weird when it comes to having my cake and eating it too. There is no prince charming, and if you think you got him, then you are a perfect voter for McCain and the beauty queen.

I always thought a perfect marriage for me would be having my beloved live next door since I like having my own house and space. I would also keep my own friends since those couples that only have couple friends are in a bad state when one leaves the other. You have to admit boredom can set in really quickly and then you are sunk, whether a man or a woman. What really stood out for all of us was the “My husband is my best friend “– translates into “I have no friends.” I have been fortunate to have not lost any friends to this disease, but I realize there are a lot of those kinds of ladies out there. It’s an awful lot of pressure to be the end all be all for your mate. Or it could just be narcissism like in Guy’s case. I have friends to chat with, friends to drink with, friends to eat with, friends to knit with, friends to bitch with and friends to go to the market with. Doesn’t mean my relationship is any less with Ronn, I just have many options, as does he.

This article appeared mean to some, but to us, happily married and happily single, it expelled the lies and opened up opportunities for these lost women. However, if they are comfortable, more power to them. At least it’s not me.

But it was a good news day and I am thankful for those days. I am also very grateful that I can say anything I want about a political candidate, even the old man; to talk about sex in public and to stand on my soapbox about relationships. We've come a long way - let's not slide back too far.

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