Saturday, August 30, 2008

Breakfast, the Most Important Meal of the Day - 24

There is something very special about eating in the out-of-doors. Living in Florida, it’s amazing how rarely I do it. Fickle weather has a way of spoiling dinner plans in the summer and the chill of anything below 70 degrees is too cold for us Southern gals. But when experiencing the outer bands of a hurricane, the weather can actually be more palatable. The sun is shaded by the clouds, the breeze floats past and the temperature leaves only a glistening of sweat on the skin. A cold drink heals any heat-induced wounds making for a very enjoyable outside experience.

Until last weekend, I didn’t really have a great place to sit outside. I would dine on the porch, but the screened-in feeling wasn’t the same as being under the influence of Mother Nature. So as a treat, I power washed my deck revealing nice, rustic wood and creating a place to relax, dine and even entertain. That’s what I did. On Sunday I had the neighbors over to behold my new party spot and this morning I took the relaxing mode to a whole new level.

Gustav is battering Cuba and we are experiencing a low humidity and heat day (for those not from here that means it is only about 83 degrees with a humidity level of about 80% instead of 100%.) A cool breeze kept the bugs at bay and the hint of a storm left a sweet clean smell in the air. I kept my charge entertained (that’s Fiona and another story) while I made a great breakfast of scrambled eggs and bacon.

(So does anyone have any bread making tips. I make the dough in the breadmaker and then I let it rise on its own before I bake it. How long should I bake it to make the crust nice, but the inside soft, but not doughy. I appreciate any advice you may have.)

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