Sunday, August 31, 2008

OK with K-9s -- 25 things to be thankful for

I have not only been blessed with many two-legged friends, but four-legged ones as well. This weekend it’s all about Fiona. The cats aren’t appreciating this change of pace, but it is nice to be the auntie for a weekend and then send her back to her mom.
Honestly I would love to own a dog, but there is just too much to it. She is a handful, but not in a bad way. She has got me to walk, which my ankles are holding up to rather well, keeps me at home, which is a nice change and lets me touch on a new part of life.
As stated Misha and Lassie are having none of this. Misha spends most of his time resting on his perch (my sewing table) and teases the poor little pug while Lassie has taken on a vampire persona coming out only at night when Fiona is in her kennel. I feel a bit like a bad mommy since she is taking up most of my time, but I am sure they will get over it.
Fiona is the latest addition to the animal reserve that is my friend Patty’s house. She has quite a collection of pets including Mayo, Duncan, Francis and now Fiona. She also has had a variety of praying mantises, guinea pigs, frogs, fish and such. A true animal lover, Patty has always taken in the less fortunate, including me in times of stress, but lately she has been lucky with healthy and happy pets. See there was Phat Head who was a black pug and who had an attitude that culminated in him pissing everywhere. Then there was Mr Pickles, a hyperactive Boston Terrier who was a bit of a terror since he was deaf with only one ball. I have to admit, they were all cute. Now there is Fiona and she is a love.
It has been fun watching her and seeing how it is to be a dog person. Right now she is laying at my feet under the table snoring up a storm and really providing a soothing music to this lazy Sunday morning. Patty has always been the person I counted on to babysit my pets when I traveled and even suggested her as a sitter for friends. Now it is my turn to pay back all that she has done for me in such a special way. I mean look at the pics, could she be any cuter.
So one more day and I will be back to being a cat person without early morning walks, constant playing and sweet sloppy kisses. It’s both a blessing and a sad-hearted time when I must see her go. But I am sure I can have visitation rights.

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