Sunday, August 10, 2008

One Room At A Time - Day 15

Today I am grateful for my garage. I looked at a lot of homes ten years ago and swore than a garage must be in my future. I wanted one of those organized things with shelves and workbenches and a perfect washer and dryer. I got sort of something like that, but with roomates, acquisition of more crap and an overwhelming sense of clutter, I never did much with it, but my laundry.
Now I am taking drastic measures to make it right. I have organized all my stuff as either keep, Craig's List or garage sale. I want most of it gone. In its place I am planning a work area to do my crafts, more organized shelves and possibly a place for my car. For now I am just working on cleaning it up and appreciating it.
I set about listening to the podcasts for "Wait, Wait Don't Tell Me" and got it done. I am very proud of myself and it only took about 4 hours.
I am very happy and grateful to have the gumption and ability to do this. Because of being not up to par lately, I felt really angry and helpless. The task this morning allowed me to feel confident again and vital. I am so excited.
Next is to take pictures of all the CL stuff and set a date for the garage sale. I hope to make some cash (it will support my front yard re-do) and to just move on without all the crap tying me down.
I don't know what it is, but me as a material girl is coming to an end. I am done with clutter and instead am appreciating the finer things in life (especially if I can get them on sale). And now I will have a place to store them.
Uh Oh!

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misschris said...

Hey fun i love organising. just popping in to say hi. no internet really stinks. I log in when i can. Sorry we missed each other :(