Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Hands and Feet - Day 16

Today at about 6:05 a.m., I felt a wave of gratitude for having use of my hands and feet. Stirring to the morning strings of whatever folk tune they were playing on 88.5 FM and wishing I didn’t have to get out of my wonderful bed, I was joined by a finicky little ebony and ivory tuxedo-wearing kitty. Misha loves waking me up to get his morning pets and kisses. This morning though he stayed beside me when his new little pal, Lassie came into the room.
Still uncertain about this whole indoor thing, but adapting better than any other feral cat ever would, Lassie circled just out of reach wanting to be loved, but not sure how close he should get to me. Finally, his large circles weaved towards my toes so I could stroke his ultra-soft fur with my feet.
I couldn’t help, but giggle and smile broadly at what would appear to be quite a weird way to show my kitties attention, but it felt absolutely right. From fingertips to toetips, I was contented, as were my felines.

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