Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Me, Myself and iPod - Day 17

I love my iPod, I really do. I used to make fun of Guy for his unnatural relationship with this little bit of metal and plastic, but now I sort of understand. Though I will never be as skewed as he was when he first got his.
Story time: Guy got his iPod for Christmas a few years back. Patrick was down and drying his clothes in the dryer, the one without a timer that just kept running and running. When we were leaving to go to Joan’s for dinner, Guy brought his iPod. My mother’s voice emanated from deep within my soul as I stated, “You’re not taking that with us since this is a social occasion, and you don’t need to be plugged into that thing and ignoring everyone else.” In true Guy fashion, there was no anger at my attempt at power, but humor instead. “But what if the house burns down because the dryer won’t turn off? I could lose my iPod.” My response, “You mean you could lose your entire house and you only care about your iPod?” and his was delivered with an evil smile and a shake of the head, “For now? Yes.”
So it took me a while and now we are about to celebrate our one year anniversary, my iPod and I. I can’t live without it at my side. Like my phone, I can’t leave home without it, though I have forgotten it a couple of times and kicked myself for my absentmindedness.
Why do I love it so much? Like a true companion, it never lets me down. If I don’t like what it is saying at the moment, I move on to something else. It gives me a break when I want to just veg with massage music to whisk away the stresses of the day. I can listen to the Oprah network for a spirit jolt or for a laugh catch up with the humorous anecdotes and puns on “Wait, Wait Don’t Tell Me.” Do I need a story? There is one with “This American Life” and “Studio 360”.
Plus the music. I have so many choices on there and playlists for lounging (a little Ann Margret), working out (Ramones and Gwen Stefani), relaxing (Sounds from the Rainforest) and party (Edith Piaf, Stereolab, Isaac Hayes).
What about a meditation to go to sleep? Got that too. And ones to help ease sickness, releasing fear and being in the moment.

It’s like the best radio station ever. I even figured that in the right mix, I can appreciate so much more music too. Judas Priest next to Judy Garland is nice, as is the Beastie Boys along side Burt Bacharach.
Yes I love my iPod, and I am so grateful I broke down to get the little nano. Now I just have to figure out how to get the iTunes store to work right and I can add even more like Rick Springfield, Mika and any new Lily Allen.

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misschris said...

Was listening to mine in the car on our road trip and found it very useful for tuning out crying babies!! Mine is a source perpetial marital problems which is an entire blog post in itself. I listen too mine in huge blocks and then I toss it aside for months at a time.