Thursday, August 14, 2008

The Sound Of Silence - Day 18

One of the greatest treasures I enjoy is basking in silence in the morning. The sound of the cat purring, the fan spinning, the pages of a book turning or my own breathing are welcome companions to lead me into a busy day.
I used to have a routine in the morning, when I was single, that I could slowly move into the day in peace and quiet. I treasure these moments more since they are few and far between. Yet, I have had two consecutive mornings of silence and I am so thankful.
Yesterday I was alone as I woke, not counting my little kitties. I made coffee in silence, fed them, did a few chores and sat back in bed to read for 15 minutes of peace. It was glorious, I actually felt like crying since I was so happy. Blessed again this morning with the absence of TV.
In such a ruckus of a world it is very important for me to have those moments when I am being more than doing. I appreciate the company of my own thoughts, or the words of others or inspirations. I like daydreaming and reliving moments in a state of clarity. It is when all things seem to make sense. Trials at work are not such a big deal, problems with friends and family are smaller and any hassles set before me are confined to a sense of “whatever.” True peace …. And quiet. Shhhhhhhh.

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