Sunday, August 3, 2008

These Are The Days - Day 10

I thank the Universe for days like today. Simple pleasures are the ones that stir me most and today had an abundance since I placed my two semi-heeled feet on the floor. I slept in, which is something I rarely do. It has been a while since I saw my bedroom basking in the morning sun and humming with the gentle breeze of the fan in a surreal manner. It was just me and my two kitties, and I kept snoozing and relishing the essence of laziness that came to add so much meaning to my day.
I made breakfast, happy as usual to create with food. The omelette fell apart but was good to eat anyway with feta cheese chunks, fresh tomatoes and onions and peppers from my garden. Add a few capers for their yummy, salty goodness and whamo - omelette!!!
After that, my neighbor Jeff came over and we chatted. He is a pretty cool guy from Alabama who is as handy as they come. He refers to himself as a hillbillie, but I see him more as just a down home Southern Man (a la Lynyrd Skynrd). We are putting together a neighborhood picnic potluck thing for this month and he is all for it. I asked Dale, too, the neighbor behind me to host, which he loves since it means he's in control. He loves being in control.
Still lazy, we showered and that always feels good in this heat and relaxed for the rest of the afternoon. It was sublime. Now I need to wake up my man and get him on his feet to go to Moon Under Water for dinner.
So that was a listing of what I did, but what was I truly grateful for? Cliffnotes:
1. Sleeping in
2. Having an extremely comfortable bed and room to put it in
3. Sweet kitties to pet and feed and talk to when I wake up
4. Coffee - slightly sweet and creamy
5. A man who brings breakfast
6. Getting to make breakfast
7. To take the time and chat with my neighbors
8. A safe place to live
9. Warm water whenever I want it and soothing soaps to clean myself
10. Being able to work on the yard with minimal pain
11. Plants to tend to and grow, as well a harvest for food and pleasure
12. Making love in the afternoon and napping afterward
13. Cookbooks to peruse as I sit next to my sleeping lover
14. Listening to Lassie eat his kibbles as I write this - so cute
15. Having the money to go out once in a while - tonight Moon Under Water
And so much more.
Today was a great day - thank you Universe

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