Thursday, August 7, 2008

As Seen On TV - Day 11

Today I feel especially grateful for Chris. Not just because in his free time of Photoshop doodling he created a new header for my blog page, but because he has been quite a pal for the past few years.
I don’t recall how we met, but it was friendship at first chat and probably killed an hour in what felt like a couple minutes. We did that often, prompted by passes by his office on the other side of the wall.
I am thankful for him being there when the world crashed a bit at my feet, telling me about the wonders of Portland and helping me stand and dust off my walking shoes to make the trek to what is now one of my favorite places. Each day he walked me through the city from 3,000 miles away sharing treasures like the Chinese Garden, Powell’s Bookstore and a great Mexican restaurant that I can’t remember the name of. I would love to go back with him sometime to see more of the things that my limited funds kept me from and with a driver who knows where he’s going.
That was the hardest trip I ever took and he made it one of the best. I had gone there to see someone I loved, and ended up spending time with a friend I will have forever on the phone line. Talk about rewarding. Oh and he introduced me to Moonstruck Chocolates. Yum.
Since then Chris has adapted to being my drinking buddy, since Guy is a bit too busy as of late with work and a boyfriend. He shares my love for food and unfortunately, my love for bad food. But he is an inspiration. He has really taken charge of his life and is treating himself so much better. I look to him and see what I can do for myself.
I am so thankful for our Saturday Morning market excursions, garden adventures, bookstore leanings and Whole Foods splurges.
Plus he has such a brilliant sense of humor – fresh always in my mind:
One night at Georgie’s, well it wasn’t dark, but I still consider it night since it was after work. I was a bit toasted and upon leaving I accidentally spilled my water with some splashing on another patron. The “gentleman” was a bit perturbed, but as Chris said when I almost cried for being so clumsy, “That’s not the worst that will be spilled on him tonight.” With a nonchalant air that made me feel so much better.
A truly wonderful human being, Chris is a true friend to so many and I know we all love him dearly. Right now I feel a bit emotional thinking about how lucky I am to have him in my life. He is a wonder and wonderful.
Thanks Chris for picking me out of the crowd and sharing so much with me. I love you.

Note: The pictures in the masterpiece above are:
Monumental Head Sculpted by Igor Mitoraj in the Boboli Gardens, Florence
Hens and chickens from Ronn’s garden
A card of inspiration that sits over my computer
My list of things I want to do by my next birthday
Laughing Clown at the Bubble Room, Captiva Island
Me at Crown Point overlooking the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon

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callenstewart said...

I'm so honored to have an entire post dedicated to me! I just have to say, you're an inspiration and a true friend. And most importantly, you make me smile. That makes you invaluable to me.

You're beautiful, dammit!

Love you back.


(maybe someday we can make that trip to PDX together - it should be a goal)