Thursday, August 7, 2008

Time for An Intervention - Day 12

Yes, once again I am doubling up on days, but these are written seperately, just not posted since I would prefer to be knitting or cooking or just being and not at the computer for one more minute of the day. Thank you.

A couple weeks ago I had a bit of a breakdown and heart break at the same time. But in this time of doubt and darkness I was able to call on friends, even if it was a bit ridiculous. Patty was there to put the pieces of my Humpty Dumpty life back together again.
I called Patty for help, unsure about where I was going, and what I was supposed to do. So Patty came to my side and after the inquisition of why there was no beer in my house and she would have to settle for vodka, she comforted me.
She shared stories to make me feel less alone and supported me on any decision I made – either to stay or to go. She kidded about my ignorance and made me see the error of my self-destructive ways. Even a call for backup to Tuttie showed that she cared. (I think that was mostly because there was no beer in the house – from now on if I need and intervention I must remember to buy beer.)
Patty has been there for me a lot. She has taken care of Misha innumerable times when I went on excursions and always made a simple Saturday afternoon a treasure with conversation, bad TV and beer.
When my ex and I broke up, I was still allowed visitation rights with his sisters. The McGovern girls have been like sisters to me sharing in birthdays, adventures to Vegas, evenings in dive bars and through happiness and heartache. I never regretted my relationship, what it was, with their brother since I got them in the settlement.
Patty is the rambunctious one who gives her all to her school kids. Their charm and childlike sense of wonder keeps her young and witty. When asked if she would ever want kids by a parent at her school she responded, “I have 80 of them and then I send them home and have a six pack.” Her tales of what the kids say and the home life some have is shocking, but usually just so hilarious. I love her sense of style too with fashions found to look runway-esque, but not breaking the bank.
Tuttie, on the other hand, is like Switzerland, nothing phases her, usually. She lets you see perspective from a vantage point that dissipates the drama. Intelligent and witty as well, I applaud her for never losing the dream – goth/punk chick – and exploring new frontiers. She is my music ally, sharing with me all the cool stuff coming out of England – Kasabian, The Editors, Kaiser Chiefs. And as my concert buddy we have left of our own will (Flock of Fleabags) and been thrown out (The Editors) and stayed for at least one (Ministry and Revco). In all accounts we ended up laughing and having a good time anyway.
Another reason I am grateful for their companionship is because they refuse to be titled. We can have a cookout, dinner party, wine tasting, redneck excursion or meaningful occasion and it all works.
I am so lucky to be their friend (sister) and to know that sometimes not having a whole lot in common is what makes it all worthwhile.

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