Saturday, August 2, 2008

Welcome to the Craft! - Day 9

My goal – to never spend more than $10 on one of my creations. How? Recycle and bargain shop. I am so happy to be crafty. Over the past few weeks of being ill, I actually felt joy when I was knitting and crafting. Ronn even said he would build me a nifty workbench in the garage so I can craft to my heart’s content. (First I have to clean out the garage.)
It is getting to be almost like my love of cooking. I confess that I have spent many a solo Saturday night perusing through cook books discovering new combinations and techniques. The same is true with online crafting sites. I have pages of print outs with patterns and notes to do all kinds of things.
Big Lots is one of my favorite places, though I have come to suspect they are getting rid of their yarn since the selection seems to be pretty dull lately. I used to spend a breezy $10 on yarn there with no idea of what I would do with it, just having all the soft threads in my hands and the wonderful colors calling out to me. Now as I get more ambitious, I am finding a use for my treasures.
I also have been looking for recycled materials like sweaters and buttons and purse handles to make new things. Watch out everyone, this Christmas, it could be crazy. So far headbands, scarves and belts are my forte. Next is a handbag which I am currently working on. It’s a test to see how it all works and to go from there. New techniques too – like felting and beading have worked their way into my head with hope.
I just don’t seem to have enough time to do all that I love so I find the time whenever possible – waiting in traffic, waiting in the doctor’s office, waiting for Ronn to get ready, or just watching TV.
I figure if I knit most nights it will keep my from eating – my hands will be busy and from drinking – since I can’t knit when I am buzzed. It could be my diet plan.
The discovery of new craft shows and the archaeological dig in my garage, I am even more inspired. ETSY here I come. Plus my stepmother gave me a portable sewing machine (not sure if it works) and a neighbor gave me her old Singer. It’s a classic, nestled in a table and petite in turquoise blue. I am making space in the library for it now, though I would love to eventually put it in my den. I have my altered books I made when I traveled, collages that have inspired a few stories, writing (of course) and other little tidbits that really bring to life my soul. Even though I falter into a practical world from time to time, I am elevated with the wonder that comes from little bleeps on the screen of my "ah-ha" gene.
It’s a lot of fun and even on a morning like this when I should be cleaning and should be doing a billion other things, I am thinking of crafting instead. I figure, like Guy says, you can clean when you’re dead.

What are some of your craft ideas? Care to share?

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