Thursday, July 31, 2008

Yo Yo Yogurt - Day 8

This very moment I am immeasurably thankful for yogurt. All-natural vanilla yogurt. It tastes so wonderful and I wish I could eat it forever, and I can since it is lowfat and full of calcium and makes a great treat at anytime of the day.
I make a sweet concoction of yogurt with maraschino cherries or honey or nuts. My favorite breakfast treat (and midday treat on those occasions I am too busy for breakfast) is vanilla yogurt with raisins and walnuts. I add a little ground flax seed to amp it up and there you go.
Yogurt allows me to eat with integrity since I know it is good for me and makes me feel like I am respecting myself with a touch of sweetness.
Today I am eating Dannon’s variety which is great on its own, but usually I get the organic kind and it is a little tart. I like this with just turning bananas and, of course, nuts. The tartness revives the overly ripe banana and gives it a new crisp flavor. It’s all based on teamwork.
Sometimes I partner my yogurt with fresh or frozen berries or even just alone to taste each creamy spoonful.
Even plain, yogurt is a winner since I use it in salad dressings, for tatziki, as a rich creamy “cheese” or for dipping croissants (something I became addicted to in France).
My passion for yogurt goes way back, but only recently, with label reading, have I truly made it a staple in my diet. I know all the negatives of dairy, fat and sugar, but fuck it. I live to eat and that means I live for yogurt. I can own this trait, or flaw to some, and proudly lift my spoon. The satisfaction alone is worth it. Full of protein and other yummy bits I add, it actually fills me up for several hours and inspires a sense of well-being.
I am not here to promote eating this luscious, bacteria-ridden treat, the less you eat, the more there is for me.
I aspire only to share with you one of my favorite things, and what I am grateful for. That it is strategically placed in my diet and hopefully will produce some weight loss, I do not know. But I have invested the time to share what I think is one pot of good eats, and a great foundation for my health.
Hey Ho, Let’s Yogurt!!!

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