Thursday, July 31, 2008

Resurrection Time - Day 7

Recently I came back to the world and got cable. I spent 4 years really not missing the abundance of crap to be found on the line, but bit the bullet when I reorganized my life. Now I am back to cable. My favorite thing is I have a DVR so I can record shows. My DVR list consists of Oprah, Anthony Bourdain, RENO 911, South Park, Knitty Gritty, Uncommon Threads, Creative Juice and Dr Who. Pretty much that is all I watch. I have scanned through the channels and appreciate the free on-demand of BBCAmerica with Coupling and BBC Reveals, but they show the same 4 episodes for an entire month and though I love it, I don’t love it that much.
My rejuvenation with South Park has been a real upper. Mich and I used to watch the show religiously about 10 years ago singing the songs and using the lines – “Screw you guys, I’m out of here.” But it fell to the side. Ronn discovered it recently and this lead to a resurgence of my own blasphemous love of those rotten kids. RENO 911 was soon to follow since it really is so wrong, that’s what makes it so good. All the craft shows are at O’dark thirty during the week, but with the DVR I can watch them when I get home and further stress myself out with more input on what to craft than I could ever have time for. So far I want to make bears for children in Africa, resin jewelry that I can also knit, garden signs, pillows and purses plus a straw hat. Dangerous stuff.
Oprah is in reruns, but since I didn’t see them the first time, it’s all new to me and I can skip over the commercials and the boring stuff in the last 10 minutes of the show. And Dr. Who. My beloved Dr. Who. I shall miss him next season since apparently he is taking some time off. I got hooked on the new Dr when I was visiting Patrick a couple years ago. After a day of shopping at IKEA, pomegranate margaritas at Rosa Mexicana and dinner at Paloma, we settled in and he turned me on to the Dr. I was not happy at first, but figured it was his house and there were martinis so all was well. And it sure was. I went crazy for it. And Patrick, being so smart and up on pop culture filled me in on all the little tidbits. Now I am hooked. It drives Ronn crazy, but I figure it is in balance with his enthusiasm in gardening.

Getting cable back was one of the best things I have done in a while. Now when the bill comes I may rethink this exploit, but as long as I do freelance I can pay for it.

So what’s on your DVR????

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