Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Warm Leatherette - The Normal

A tear of petrol, Is in your eye, The hand brake, Penetrates your thigh
Quick - Let's make love, Before you die!

Life is getting back to normal and not a moment too soon. It’s almost been a week since the last visit to the pet doctor and all seems to be doing well. I am no longer breaking down each day and don’t feel my heart ripping out of my chest every time I have to leave Finn. My focus has turned back to balancing my life with work, home, kids, creativity, peace and me.

It’s nice to take care of myself for a change and to not worry about when the next shoe will drop and if it is a stiletto aimed for my heart or a steel-toed boot square in my gut. I’ve been working out regularly, eating healthy, taking time every day to be peaceful and listening to my muse. Lauren let me borrow an IKEA bag full of knitting books to inspire and enthuse me. Each day gets a few moments of knitting (and listening to my favorite podcasts).

I have three projects going with a goal to finish them up and move on to the next ones that are crying to spring from my needles. Right now, on my wee needles blooms new flower patterns for instant gratification since they take about 1-1/2 hours each. Whining on another pair of needles is a baby blanket that has so far taken about 9 months to birth into full size. Finally, the knitting bag I have been working on for months may be getting closer to being used as it was intended – though I still haven’t made up my mind about the strap.

I have a new cap design inspiration that has haunted me for a week now and I must get these previous pieces done in time for the holiday so I can empty my head and start again. There just aren’t enough hours in the day sometimes.

Then there comes the need to read, which I have put off for months and the hectic fetishness of cleaning the house for the holidays, though this year I will only be hosting Paul and the kids. It’s like an ingrained need to put things on my plate during the holiday months (which if you follow nature is really supposed to be the downtime of the year) even when there is no real need to take on so much. This Christmas is all about friendship and family since presents are out of the question and all I have to give is my company and some muffins perhaps.

But I won’t let myself get stressed (even when I have to listen to Justin Bieber chorus all day at work) since I have already had my share of stress to last for a few months at least. I promise to enjoy the season and let my creativity shine through.

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