Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Just Call Me Tippy Hedren

While reading the inspirational prose of Wayne Dyer this morning, I was pulled from my chair by the symphonic chortles of the birds outside. The chaotic din made me wonder if something was wrong, or if this meant that all was right. A variety of airborne creatures from blue birds to cardinals, mocking birds to doves and black birds to monk parakeets were all vying from someone’s attention if not mine. The cacophony was almost deafening outside, but beautiful at the same time. I looked for a hawk or eagle to be the cause of this raucous, but the sky was only filled with less predatory fowl.

No birds attacked me or even seemed to be aware I was spying on them. The event was actually calming even though it was so loud and discombobulated in tone, my only fear being that I would get drawn deeper into it and miss the window to take a proper shower for work.

Anyway, after about 5 minutes it quieted down and I returned to my morning routine feeling a bit more blessed by this concert.

I still ponder what caused them to be so excited.

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