Thursday, March 3, 2011

When an Introvert is Forced to be Social

By all accounts, reasonings and even personality tests, I am an introvert. I have adapted to having a social life, with choice friends, and even surprise many when they discover that my personality type is pretty much entirely in the” I” range. As an INFJ, I am an odd bird and a bit askew, but it has never hindered me in the past. But now, I am being conditioned to be a bit more social-networking kind of social. I am surrounded by Facebook followers, Twitter chirpers, LinkedIn pursuers and the like all day long. And I am the nerd among all these geeks as I ponder words on a page instead of on a screen and choose to remain on the fringe instead of knee deep in the mix. Now all that is changing as I take on social media roles at my job.

It really is an excited adventure since these are explorations I would, if left to my own devices, not have researched on my own. On the clock and in my cubicle, I can take the opportunity to find out how all of this virtual networking really works and how I can make the most of it for my company.

I have even ventured to having my own Twitter account which I use mostly for keeping up with my podcasts, mini foodie musings and interesting craft projects – you know all the things I do when I am not working which keep me from Facebooking, Twittering and even blogging like a fiend. But I am getting better, see two postings in two days, good for me!

Are you an early adapter or on the fringe like me? Is choosing to be a non-social media geek the new alternative?

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Wendy said...

I am not an early adopter, but when I was laid off I found it to be the next great horizon with the skills in demand. I run three Twitter accounts and manage several Facebook pages. My new job has me writing blog posts and driving traffic. It's a lot of fun.