Saturday, March 5, 2011

Ruffling Up My Wardrobe for Winter and Summer


Fashion maven, Heidi sporting the most alluring design of the season!


The Saturday Morning Market in St. Pete is the place to be on said morning, especially for needle crafters. There is an amazing alpaca yarn vendor (whose name escapes me) with supple yarn and incredible already-made design. Most of them were crochet, which I still can’t seem to grasp, but one in particular interested us: A swirled scarf in a beautiful mocha brown. The scarf was only a couple inches wide cascading in swirls around and down the wearer’s neck. Both fashionable as a ruffled neckline and practical in its warmth, this scarf was the best of both worlds and I just had to learn how to make one for myself.

I searched online for a similar design, finding Curly Whirlies ( a very cool site), a Lion Brand design (I used this one, don’t let the picture fool you) and this one from It’s A Stitch Up  (which had way too many stitches and rows for me, so I shortened it).

I made my first ruffled scarf for Heidi as a birthday gift with lots of greens, oranges and fiery red to complement her Irish complexion, including an orange fun fur finish to really make Heidi’s hair and eyes pop. The second one on my needles was using some hand-me-down 80s-stye yarn from Lauren. A slightly mercerized cream and black yarn fashioned into ruffles and pouring down the neckline with feathery black trim on the outer edge – Divine, especially with my houndstooth coat.

With warm weather upon us, I am not daunted as I venture into my own designs with lighter-weight yarns and thinner designs. Perfect for a casual evening art walk or even as a belt with my favorite shorts. I just love versatility.

So what’s on your needles? Anything to take winter into spring?

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