Saturday, February 18, 2012

Blogs I Love - Getting Crafty

Blogs I Love

I don’t have a whole lot of time to cruise the Internet looking for great idea pickups. When I do get a few moments to scan through craft, food or any other sites that grab my fancy, I like to save the best ones to share with my friends and to visit later. Here are a few crafty pals I have picked up on the way.

Ellinee Design House
This is such a great site if you want to try a new craft or even order some wonderful designs from those who are the experts. I just love their paper flowers. I have had a thing for paper lately and adore how these paper petals can bring life to any occasion. Thanks to the free template, I am inspired to add some Springtime to my workspace and liven it up a bit. (Plus working in Marketing, we always have out-of-date paper samples around the office that would be perfect for transforming into flora.

Quiet Lion Creations
I love cool DIY projects, especially when they are fashion forward. I'm not the trendiest girl around, but I could always use a little pick-me-up especially this delightful bracelet, plus what a great gift idea and a way to use any leftover fabric. I also love the trapeze earrings and have decided to take up jewelry making. Thank you Allison for all your inspirations.

Keeping It Indie
Can I just say, I love Brandi! This is such a great site with things to make, inspirational interviews and just so many pictures to make the heart beat faster. So far my favorites are the printed candles, rosette bracelet, Carla Dyck photography, and oh so much more. You just have to visit the site to find out about what you’re missing.

The Cheese Thief
Not only is this one of the best names for a blog (or anything for that matter), but I just couldn’t help getting caught up in all the great ideas found here. Since I am on a jewelry kick, I just couldn’t pass up this beaded ring. And that was only the beginning, how about this wonderful Birthday decoration – perfect for cupcakes and cake.

Maggie Makes
These pictures caught me.

Heart Healthy Month Tip: Making new friends, learning new things and creating something always makes the heart happy.

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