Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Fat Tuesday is Just a Name

I just had to go with some Cajun fare tonight, but was too busy to make something downright dee-vine!

Solution: 727FoodNow and Anna Stella Cajun Bistro. Miss Heidi shared with me a gift card to use this food delivery service and I thought tonight would be the perfect time to not only try delivery, but this restaurant.

But why make Cajun just one night? Even eating healthy, I was able to fit in this deliciousness into a few days with an Oyster Po’Boy tonight and Crawfish Etouffee dinner on Wednesday. I couldn’t even finish the sandwich tonight, it was so rich and delicious, but I did finish each little crispy oyster! So Yum!

Great experience overall. I highly recommend trying 727foodnow or a delivery service in your area. It was so easy, they were right on time and the delivery fee and tip aren’t much more than a tip if you went to the restaurant. In fact, I will probably continue this little treat monthly to save me some time from cooking and cleaning while enjoying a wonderful meal.

Heart Healthy Month Tip: Even when you overindulge, like I did tonight, you can still keep a heart-healthy lifestyle. Have a healthy breakfast and lunch using most of you calories at dinnertime. Split restaurant portions into sensible portions before you indulge. Add a little extra exercise to your routine that week. If you know in advance that you are going to splurge, you can workout a little bit more or harder a day or two in advance. This way you can have extra without the guilt. All good for your heart.

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