Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Getting to the Heart of it

I have been away for oh so long, but I am back again. The world sort of tail spinned for me with Finn’s passing, work going crazy, the holidays and then trying to learn to breathe again, but now I am back to what I love.

Did ya miss me? Well no need for a broken heart. In fact, February is National Heart Month and I am celebrating by taking special care of the ticker. Have you checked your ticker lately? The American Heart Association suggests checking out the My Life Check tool on their website. I did it and found that I am a bit over 50% with a lot of good habits while still having a lot of room for improvement.

What about you?

Sometimes it’s the littlest changes that make the biggest impact. And it’s it worth keeping yourself happy and healthy since there are so many wonderful surprises that could pop up anytime!

Heart Healthy Tip for Today: Before I sit down to watch TV or a movie or get a few pages of reading in, I take a long walk, usually with Polly. This way I get it in before the excuses start and I feel so much better for the rest of the evening.