Thursday, February 16, 2012

A Monthly Bundle of Joy

I discovered in November thanks to Janel. It was love at first site and after my first box arrived in the mail, I subscribed for another 12 months and have loved pretty much everything I’ve received. So far my favorites have been:

Zoya nail polish (this polish has staying power and comes in so many colors from these muted tones to bright gemstone hues that really excite your fingers)

Benefit the Porefessional (I wear this under my makeup everyday for a flawless look. The little tube I received in December has lasted until just last week, amazing what a little dab will do)

Harvey Prince Ageless Perfume (a sweet smell of pink grapefruit that makes every day have a fresh appeal)

Stila eye liner (great color and great product, no more drugstore eyeliners for me, this one never causes any irritation and the color stays true all day).

It’s also such a great thing to come home from a hard day at work and find a little package of goodness on the doorstep with so many fun things to try inside.

Heart Health Month Tip: Do something nice for yourself. It’s easier to take good care of yourself when you feel great. A little gift for your favorite Valentine (yourself) should never be a second thought.


Wendy said...

I tried signing up a few weeks ago and they are no longer taking subscriptions... I'm bummed.

Patricia said...

just put your name on the waiting list because I just got notification that I could order one - it's a gift. It's hard to be patient with such goodness.