Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A Couple of Wonders - 40 Days of Thankfulness

I don't have a super-recent photo of them and my archive is on the fritz, but here is the happy couple. 

Being single for so long, most of my relationships with couples were either with the husband or the wife, never truly both. As with most things in my life, this was not an absolute and there was one couple that I was pals with both partners equally – Paul and Heidi.

P and H are two of my bestest friends and we have experienced a lot together: the birth of their son, Connor; travel to New Orleans and a plethora of other destinations; sorrow of losing our four-legged family members; and plenty of parties.

With more than 15 years of married life under their belts, this couple has also taught me about the beauty of keeping marriage alive and your relationship happy through thick and thin.

They have blessed me with trips to Europe getting to see Paris, Amsterdam and Belgium through the eyes of a frequent traveler. I have got to enjoy dinner at their home on a variety of occasions and they even hosted an After Wedding Reception Reception for Paul and I. I have spent time with them individually developing a relationship that is so much more than superficial and shared dreams.

They are an amazing duo and I am so thankful they came into my life!

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