Friday, November 8, 2013

A Walk In The Woods – 40 Days of Thankfulness

Have you ever just taken a walk in the woods just to take a walk? No preconceived notions, no expectations, no map with a destination?

Paul and I spent today walking around, and up and down Clifton Gorge and the John Bryan Park outside of Yellow Springs. Though most of the trees had dropped their leaves it was still an amazing time. We just went to walk. Dressed in layers to keep the 32 degree temps at bay, we shivered for a first few minutes debating if we should turn back. We had no map and just followed the trail around and down into the gorge around the other side, up the ridge and back around to the beginning.

We only encountered a couple hardcore hikers, some students from nearby Antioch College and a deer. It was amazing. Part of the trail we followed was an old stagecoach trail that took 18th and 19th century passengers from Cincinnati to Pittsburgh, though it would have been an incredibly bumpy ride. I think I would have stayed to the river route.

Unfortunately they discriminate against our 4-legged children and they can't come with us, but with Polly's new blindness it may not be a good idea anyway. 
I am so thankful for this walk in the woods. 

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