Thursday, November 7, 2013

Shhh ... 40 Days of Thankfulness

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I am so thankful that I have been blessed with quiet time. Every day I take at least 30 minutes to just be quiet. Sometimes I meditate, sometimes I pray, sometimes I daydream or even read inspirational works. It’s the being quiet that counts. There are so many people who feel they can’t afford to have quiet time because they have too many things to do or are uncomfortable being still.

Even when I was working incredibly long hours, I found time to be quiet whether it was taking Polly for a walk, turning off the radio in my car on the way to work or sitting in the park knitting during my lunch break.
Polly always finds time in her busy schedule of walks and play to have some quiet time. 
Quiet time is so important to keep us centered and to balance our doing lives with our being lives. Wayne Dyer clearly explains that we are called Human Beings not Human Doings.

Just a little bit of quiet and breathing can turn a bad mood around, further elevate a good mood, give a sense of peace to the mind and body, let one connect to their higher being, trust in creation and let your world stop spinning out of control.

Try it you may like it … Breathe

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