Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Balance, Breathing and Body – 40 Days of Thankfulness

Sometimes one just needs a good stretch.

For several months my main form of exercise was a few miles of walking each day. I love walking so this is perfect for me since I can be in silence and meditate or I can listen to one of my favorite podcasts or books and learn a little something.

About a month ago, my friend Elisa invited me to go to yoga with her in a nearby town. I love it. I’ve done yoga for years and used to be a regular at a yoga place in St. Pete. Unfortunately the price got a little out of hand and I just could pay the $20 a session. I did yoga at home and I still do from time to time to help calm my nerves. I wanted to see what yoga would be like in a conservative community since it is not only a physical and mental practice, but a spiritual one as well (which can fit in with all other beliefs).

It is different here with more emphasis on the physical and pushing some limits that I am not used to, but all-in-all I like it. The hardest part of going to yoga is “going to yoga” since the class is at 6:15 (still early) and outside is pitch black and cold! I will push through this and reap the benefits of this wonderful class.

I have even started taking my practice at home more seriously so that I can have the full experience of body, mind and spirit. 

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