Monday, November 18, 2013

I Surrender – 40 Days of Thankfulness

Anyone involved in a 12-step program knows that the first step to recovery is surrender. I have found that the first step to many successful ventures is the same thing. When I’ve surrendered I’ve found greater peace and more opportunities come my way.

In a society where the most abused drugs are power and control, maybe it’s time for a little surrender. To clear things up for all my control-freak friends: surrender is not giving up and it’s not doing nothing. It’s more about getting out of one’s own way. As Wayne Dyer may put it, it’s letting your senior partner (your higher power) take over, while you continue on with the tasks at hand that are truly yours to do.

This freaks a lot of people out since it means ignoring the ego (EGO: Edging God Out – another Dyerism). That can be pretty difficult. But it pays off.

Recently, I have surrendered during the most confusing, anxiety-filled times of my life. For instance, today is the one-year anniversary of Paul getting his new job. Leading up to this day, I spent more than a year surrendering to God’s will for us. It was difficult at first, but the peace that swept over me during my morning prayers was amazing. I trusted in God that we would find the right place to be at the right time. And we did. It was nothing I would have ever picked out, but in my surrender wonderful things happened.

Now, I find surrender to be my daily companion. I look every day for jobs that suit my skills and personality applying and applying again. It has never been this difficult for me to find a job, but I surrender. At first I told God what I wanted in a job, now I get out of the way, and keep applying and looking. “Thy will be done.”

When we get out of our own way, and God’s way, then our world’s can truly expand and wonders will never cease. So I am thankful that I can surrender and grateful to know that my life is in good hands. 

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