Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Snow Mornings – 40 Days of Thankfulness

Today is the second day this season of waking up to snow. Since it snowed on Oct 23, it is believed that we will have 23 days of snow this winter/fall. So this is day two and it’s beautiful.

And to top off this wonderful beauty is that it is a clear day with bright sunshine making the snow sparkle and gleam even more for a winter wonderland kind of feel.
It’s also the first day that I am working at the cupcake shop in town so I get to walk to work in the glistening snow and hopefully avoid the annoyance of ice along the way.

There’s just nothing like it. Growing up snow free, I really appreciate the purity of the perspective and the chill in the air, especially with the warming sun to counteract the shivers.

Thank you, God for such a beautiful day – it is such a treasure. 

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