Wednesday, December 4, 2013

My Silly Millie Girl – 40 Days of Thankfulness

Early morning, still dark. I’m being watched, stared at with penetrating black eyes. I feign sleep, but my attacker moves to phase two of “Wake the Humans.” A cold nose on my cheek, a tongue in my ear (not the good kind) and then if I don’t respond in a nanosecond, a tongue in my mouth (gross). Then the growls begin and all havoc breaks loose. That is a typical morning for me thanks to Silly Millie.

Though Polly is my special girl whom I’ve known and loved since the day she was born, Millie is my other sweetie pie. Paul contributed a lot to our relationship: love, understanding, compassion, humor and another wonderful little girl to love.

Millie is a mix of miniature schnauzer and maltese, but she sure acts like a rabid monster of a canine when she wants to. Not so much the loving type, she shows her affections by playing for hours and staring you down when you stop before she wants to.

She can be a handful, but what kid isn’t sometimes. I just love her up. My little terrier-ist. What a wonderful gift she is. Many thanks.  

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