Thursday, December 5, 2013

NYC, The Doctor and Knitting – 40 Days of Thankfulness

March 31, 2007: After spending a long day riding the bus from Penn Station, shopping at IKEA and a bus ride back, with cocktails and foodie things interspersed, I found myself at 8pm not wanting to leave Patrick’s apartment yet again. I was comfortably buzzed from pomegranate margaritas and Old Fashions and was ready to just relax and begin our adventure again tomorrow.

My pal Patrick

Patrick suggested we get comfy in his Brooklyn abode and watch Doctor Who (a new season was starting) and he would teach me to knit. The stage was set and my world changed forever!

Not only did I get hooked on the Doctor after telling Patrick “I don’t want to watch that stuff, it’s too boring and geeky (too geeky for me – please).” I watched the season opener with David Tennant and his new companion Martha Jones and I was hooked for life. 

Paul's early Christmas gift - a hand knit stocking all his own!
Knitting wasn’t as easy to fall in love with. Patrick taught me the basics of casting on and how to knit, but I kept messing up (remember the cocktails beforehand) and getting frustrated. But I did carry on and keep trying. I had that summer and fall free so I would stay up into the wee hours watching Netflixed past Doctors and knitting scarves. Now in Florida there isn’t much call for scarves, but I knit them anyway.

Over the years I have learned many more stitches and techniques moving from scarves and headbands to handbags, socks, hats, jewelry and fingerless gloves. I have whipped up wraps, played with a variety of yarns and cussed my way into and out of some intricate entanglements.  

Today I take my knitting almost everywhere I go from meetings to lunch to sitting in Paul’s office and spending time together. When possible my afternoons are filled with old TV shows and lots of yarn.

Close up of Paul's Christmas stocking
Recently I started my own Etsy Store to share with the general public my creations. It’s something I love to do and it would be great if I could make some cash from it. And with our current locale, I have a lot of need for different knitted wonders, including scarves and hats, plus also big comfy socks for cold winter nights, dog sweaters, and Christmas stockings.
Polly sporting the dog sweater I made her for this season
I dare say my love for knitting now outweighs my love for the Doctor, but both are travels through space (interesting imaginings) and time (vintage patterns) experiencing wonderful adventures (new techniques, new supplies, new stitches, new tricks) and all with my trusty companions (Polly and Millie on the couch next to me as I knit and purl). The only difference is instead of a sonic screwdriver, I have double-pointed knitting needles.
Dog sweater close up

Stay Calm and Knit On!

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