Friday, May 23, 2008

Let the truth be told - Day 13

It has been one month since my birthday. All the goals I had aligned for myself for this immaculately incredible year have had one month to stew. And that is about all they did. Sit in a pot, simmer and really only create a thick stock of theories with no real substance. Great if you aren’t feeling well, but not enough to feed the mighty.
I had set about with only 3 goals in mind. A purging if you will of the spirit and body to go into a new decade being better than ever. I need to get cracking.
My first task is to lose 50 pounds or so. A lot I know. Else being that my health could be at stake in later years and that I am losing confidence in my physical self, so I need to do something about it. Scoping out my options and finding all the crazes just for crazies, I have reserved myself to the tried and true – eat less and healthier and exercise more. Not at a loss for healthy good food choices, it is the portion control than needs to be stabilized. As well as the cocktail parties. Being social has quite a price. But all in all I know I can do it. My ankles have given me problems lately (old Marathon injuries), but that is on the docket to be looked at by a professional. I am on my way.
Another job I have laid at my own feet was to dispel myself and my abode of 20 years of junk. One woman’s crap is another woman’s treasure --- and ladies, I have lots of treasure. My garage and home are filled with trinkets of faded memories that need to be released to good homes. I am ebaying, garage selling and just giving it away. I want it out and if I can make some extra cash – better yet.
Finally my last conquest for this year is the steps I am taking to being financially independent. Through multiple streams of income, including selling things, freelance, photography, massage and what ever else suits one to pay me for my services, I will become my own boss – hopefully in a year or two’s time. The notion of pushing it out is appealing most recently since I have decided to re-do the bathroom, kitchen and patio of my home which will swallow a bit of these new resources, but it is well worth it. After that, home in order, yard an urban sprawl jungle, I will be ready to spend my time at home again and live a bit closer to my bone.
So as of this month – Nothing lost on the weight gain, a few items sold on ebay, but ramping up for the mega sale of the century and baby steps to setting up my photographs for sale and a freelance gig to boot.
Wish me luck.


misschris said...
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misschris said...

I love setting goals. I want to see some changes too. It helps me to set specific goals, like for example I want to learn Spanish. The goal is generally that but then I narrow it to learning a specific chapter by then end of the week or something and then I narrow it even further to learning 5 verbs a night or something like that. I am trying to learn Mexican cooking too (do we see a theme here ? hmmm) and I have set challenges to make two recipes a week from my cookbook until we leave. I love these little self challenges because without them I just let things stagnate.

Has your book club or have you read 1000 Days in Venice? I loved this book and it even has some great recipes scattered through the text. You will enjoy it and read it in a day. You will be inspired to cook and decorate and travel.

* Sorry for the deleted comment but my original comment had so many typos you couldn´t understand it. I´m really tired!