Saturday, May 31, 2008

A Private Tour of My Sex and The City – Day 17

No this is not a guided tour of all the places I have had sex in this town. Though that would be fun, but I have friends who have even more exciting tours to tell about. No, this is about my night out with Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda and Samantha.

Last night was the opening of Sex and the City movie. Since this was, and is, one of my favorite TV shows I just had to be there first night. I went with Renee and some of her friends, all fans. No spoilers here, but I loved it. I feel like I can identify with each woman on screen. Carrie, the writer and a contemporary woman who falls madly in love and learns a bit from it each time; Charlotte with her pristine sensibilities and craving for nice things; Miranda, workaholic, yet woman who appreciates a night just watching TV, though feels most comfortable doing it all; and Samantha, well I remember the slut days of years ago.

One of the main reasons I am so drawn to this show is the friendship factor more than the fashion. To have close friends that would do anything for you at a drop of a hat. Of course, like Movie Romance, their friendship has never fully played out in my life, but I have been blessed with great comradeship. I only speak of sad feelings to a couple friends, either not wanting to burden others or not wanting to leave an open for them to take hold and redirect the misery towards their own lives. Real mothers don’t have time to make a brunch date or want to go out partying anymore. Dressing up is for first dates, which has long passed for some. And to be promiscuous only draws a downward glance from the married folks.

Yet there is a nice feeling of hominess when it is just a couple girls hanging out at home watching TV or out for a simple dinner. I do get some fill with nights out with Guy, but we usually just sip martinis and enjoy people watching instead of making ourselves the center of attention. My clothes are from Target and Dots, with a faux Prada bag to set everything off, yet Payless Shoes never seem to match it.

Watching this film only brought me closer to buying the box set so I can waste away hours watching these women over and over again. I have cried with them, laughed with them, and enjoyed listening in on their girl talk. They are like friends that I only see rarely, but I get their private jokes and appreciate their mistakes.

And then there are the men. Mr. Big. I am not much into Chris Noth (Law and Order), but as Big he is my knight. Her complete love for him and his unacknowledgment. When he realized at the end of the show that he loved her and went to Paris to bring her back, I felt a hope.

So though I may not have the shoes, the wardrobe, the realistic NY apartment, the corral of fabulous and always available friends or the financier lover, what I do have is priceless. I am grateful every day for the gift of friends who are real, a man who I love dearly, clothes that not only keep me from being naked, but fashionable in my own mind, a home that is entirely my own, and a DVD player to keep up with my city girls.
I am so lucky. Absofuckinlutely!!!!


misschris said...

I´m eager to see it but I think I´ll have to wait until Christmas for the DVD to come out.

My sister says I´m Charlotte the priss and she´s definitely Samantha! We laugh at all the similarities between us and them. It´s because of these diverse personalities that I ended up meeting Seb--an episode straight out of SATC!

healthgal said...

I saw it today and like you I loved it. I used to have the near by relationships with women I could count on. Now, after moving to Florida, my three O clock in the morning friends are a phone connection rather than an eye to eye or skin connection. Still, I am grateful for it all. I think I could see film again.