Saturday, May 31, 2008

Smoke Anyone - Day 18

I actually started working on my new freelance job today. I am writing Web copy for a cigar company. Sort of fitting for my location and all, and it pays well. I used to smoke, but I quite about 10 years ago and can’t stand it. But I must confess these descriptions with their smoky notes and ripe fruit essences makes me want a cigar. This hopefully will go on for a couple months – the job, not the temptation.
It’s all for a good cause, a new kitchen and bathroom. I am not a big credit person, so I want to have the cash handy when I am ready, therefore weekends and evenings devoted to working. Sometimes I wish I would have married well – and divorced better - so I wouldn’t have to do this. But then again, I have always been an independent soul and like the pride I get from knowing, “I did it”.
So I tapped away on the computer and tried to get used to my new laptop. Yes, I am getting a wireless mouse for it since I hate the thumb thing. Too slow for me.
But all work and no play makes Patrica a dull girl and I would never allow that. Boring equals death to me, so I had to have some fun. Inspired by the film last night, I got all gussied up in Ronn’s favorite dress, gave him a nice shower, fed him homemade pizza (leftovers from the one he made a couple nights ago) and then an afternoon to make Samantha proud.
Now it’s back to work as he naps while “watching” golf and I mindlessly type away.

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