Sunday, June 1, 2008

Escaping the Mundane – Day 19

A false title for a rather mundane day. But I seem to find pleasure in some of the most simple things – things that carry me away from boredom.
Today was mostly about work and with that a new book I am listening to. I find that listening to books while I work on this Web stuff keeps my mind occupied enough to make it so I don’t go stir-crazy. Today’s book is Escape by Carolyn Jessup. She was a woman involved in a polygamous relationship with the FLDS (Fundamentalist Church of Latter Day Saints) or something like that. A woman in my book club suggested it and it was available through the on-line library so why not. This project is going to take a hell of a lot of hours and I need to keep myself entertained.
I was so drawn in that I pushed through my task at lightning speed. So far I am at her being a newlywed in a marriage to an older man that she never chose. It is a life so foreign to me that the interest is detailed enough to make me stay up late. I wanted to stay latched to my computer instead of spending the day with Ronn.
This is not as bad as it sounds. Ronn and I spend plenty of time doing our own thing. I think it has to do with the fact we are both very independent people. But today was his golf day and I had to hear the gruesome details of cult life. Now I am not very familiar with cults, though I did grow up near Clearwater, the hub of Scientology. I don’t really care to much for religion, cult or otherwise. Yet I do like to attend the Unity Church from time to time, but they are very different, very accepting and a bit of an intellectual experience in their hour-long service. So far I noticed that other religions, Scientology and such, don’t like people to think for themselves so I have never been too inspired.
This book is a wonder however. The strength of the author alone to leave with her kids into a world she knew nothing about and one that had been banged into her psyche as one of evil is overcoming almost impossible odds. Plus I wouldn’t want to be married and share my man.
After watching Real Sex on HBO, I could see the draw to the swinging lifestyle, but not the 24/7 “who’s in charge with another wife” one. Plus the whole baby-making thing puts me off. Sex (at least for me) isn’t about pro-creation.
Thank you all for reading and please don’t trip over my soap-box on your way out.

But the day wasn’t all work and polygamy. This morning I got to sleep-in and then watch the latest American episode of Dr Who. (Rose is coming back, I think). Yes I am a geek, because I rewound it to make sure that was Rose and I barely stopped myself from calling Patrick to say, “OMG did you see it, Rose????” No I had some restraint.

The evening was quiet, as well as I visited my Dad at his condo on the beach. It’s one of those time-share things and he loves it. He gets one week a year to be a beach bum. Last year he had to miss it since the day before he was supposed to leave he had a stroke. Of course he was more concerned about missing his week than his health. It was OK since I worried enough for both of us. He is doing great and got his week this year so all is well. Since he retired, my dad has been the cultivator and grows a plethora of vegetables all year round. It’s always a delight to visit him since I have no idea what I will come home with – a fig tree, cucumbers, oranges, tomatoes, an avocado tree. It rocks.

So now I am back at work, taking a break from the book and the cigars, and soon to return to my tasks so I can get my check.
BTW – Did you see Rose???


misschris said...

In your project are you writing? I don´t think I could write and listen to at book at the same time. That's brave!

I was wondering about your dad. I´m glad to hear he is doing well. Is he still in the same house?

Praers said...

My freelance project consists of a bit of writing, but mostly editing and formatting the text to meet Web standards. I set up SEO keywords and do the html coding so I can usually listen and edit at the same time. When it comes to doing a bit of research or trying to figure out the premise of the item, I pause the book and use my full brain. It does make time fly. I have two books now that I am listening to. I got sort of exasperated with the polygamy book so I switched to chick lit (which I generally shun since it contains things that don't really get me) and a book called "Shoe Addicts Anonymous". Mindless and formatted, but it keeps my attention.