Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Run as Fast as You Can - Day 20

The process has started, or so I hope. I finally found a doctor to help me with my ankle issue. I have been wearing the bandage on my ankle for so many months now that I wouldn’t be surprised if it becomes a fashion trend this fall.
My last doctor, who I saw back in March, only told me to rest and gave me Anaprox for the pain and swelling, this new guy who I see next week should actually fix the problem.
Always my weak point, this problem came to a head 2-1/2 years ago when I twisted my ankle leaving yoga class. The ground was slippery and I was in sandals and ugh – pain. My boyfriend at the time offered to help me with elevation, ice and compression (the RICE solution), but I refused since I had dinner to make and things to do. (I have never been a big one for accepting help, it bothers me to do it, but I have gotten better. I guess I just need more help now.)
I stayed off it for a week, but I was in training for the Nike Women’s Marathon in San Francisco. I couldn’t disappoint my team or myself, so I went back to training. The twist occurred in August and the race was at the end of October so I figured I would be OK by then, and I was. I finished with no problems, but the normal swelling and aches associated with endurance racing.
Good, you say, you knocked another thing off your list and then you got help. Nope. I went on to do the Mayor’s Midnight Run in Anchorage the following year. I couldn’t stop since it meant so much to me to go to Alaska, with Guy, on the 10th anniversary of his diagnosis. We did the half together, walking to not miss a thing and it was wonderful. That was one of the best trips in my life with Guy as my companion. It strengthened our friendship and made me fall in love with Alaska.
Knowing that I probably wouldn’t be doing another race for a while, if ever, I should have started on the process to get back into gear. But no. I had other trips, lots of responsibility at work, the holidays and of course a feeling that I would be OK, no matter what.
Well now I am taking the true steps to getting this fixed. The problem has become so severe that I can sometimes barely walk, much less run. My exercise plan has been stinted, though I am still doing arms and abs. Plus I hate feeling so old in the morning. This really has slowed me down and I am done with it. I pray that this new doctor can help me out and get me back to something of my old self.


christine said...

Wow that´s impressive that you did all those marathons. I wish I liked to run more. When Seb and I first met he tried to get me interested and I did do a little with him but I just never got around to appreciating it. I´m much more of a hiker and an explorer!

Hope your doctor can help you. That looks painful!

misschris said...

(that´s me, sorry I was logged in under the family blog!)